This is a view of the intersection of 28th Ave W and 201st St SW (the side street).

Can you see the house?
Most people drive by without even realizing there is a house on that corner!

Get closer and you can peek in the south end of the circular driveway.

Here is the north end of that same circular driveway.
Let's go in for a closer look.

As you enter the north entrance to the circular driveway
an appealing sight beckons.
It's the beaver pond!

I can't resist looking at the pond closer.
Sorry, but I get really excited by having such an unspoiled natural area
literally at my back door.

Did you know that regular visits to nature are actually good for your health?
Just imagine the health benefits of actually living in a place with nature literally at your back door
but also being in a dense suburban area with easy access to highways, light rail and stores.

Let's take a closer look before we go inside, shall we?

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Tour Chapters:
Beaver Pond
Outside Views
Entry and Dining Area
Great Room
Hall and North Bedrooms
South Bedroom and Laundry
Floor Plan and Aerial Photos
Xeric Garden
Backyard and Flowers
Contact and Other Details