OK, let's go back to where we first saw the house,
looking into the south end of the driveway from 28th Ave.
Alderwood Mall is less than one mile in that direction.

The house is a rambler, with only a single story.
That's good if you would rather avoid stairs.
The row of small windows is much too high to see into without using a ladder.
That means lots of natural light and also lots of privacy.
We will come back to that gate on the right side.

A closer look at the front porch shows a large overhanging roof.
That is a lot of room for people to stand out of the rain.
You will never worry about packages getting wet.
Porch pirates don't even know the house is there!

The parking area at the front door.
The circular driveway turns left at the end, around that last rhodie.

Keep walking around the rhodie,
and you end up back on 28th at the north driveway.

Here we have walked completely out of the north entrance.
We are now standing on 28th Ave., looking south.
Now let's walk south along 28th.

A few steps forward takes you back to the south driveway again.
This time, let's keep walking south on 28th Ave,
and then go around the corner onto 201st Street.

This opening gives direct access from 201st, for lots of street parking during those summer parties.
Take notice that the fence is much higher than the street-level sidewalk.
The legally allowed 6 foot fence therefore provides the privacy of a 10 foot tall fence!

Let's open this gate.

The gate swings open to reveal a corridor along the side of the house,
with the blue roof of the workshop visible in the distance.

Now walk forward to the rear corner of the house.

Before you go farther, turn around right at the corner of the house,
and look back to see if you remembered to close the front gate.

At the corner of the house, you arrive at the deck,
with the workshop visible at the end of a charming brick path.

Again, looking north toward Alderwood Mall, one mile away.
First you see the grass, then the water,
then a long view to the forest in the distance.
You can't see the mall, but it isn't much farther.

You can walk onto the deck directly from the bedroom or the kitchen.

The land has a gentle slope.
There is only one step by the kitchen,
but two steps at the other end.

That is the kitchen door.

Take one step out of the kitchen for some air, and this is your view.

You can quickly check to see if the beaver is out.

The view from the workshop.

Walk toward the pond, and you can see around the north side.

Ever noticed in winter that the snow melts on some roofs?
Bare shingles show you where the insulation is thin.
The heat being lost by the house is melting the snow.
Here there is no melting snow, which means that the insulation is pretty good.
No heat is excaping to melt the snow.

The north side has room to park an RV plus an outdoor electric outlet.

All outdoor outlets at this house have a waterproof cover.
This one allows the plug to remain in place when the waterproof cover is closed.

A view of the north side looking back from the pond.
The canoe and paddles go with the house.

By now you will have a very good idea of the outside of this house.
It's time to go inside.
Let's go back to the front again, and start from there.

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