Two large windows let in natural light.
Overhead, four light fixtures keep the work space well lit.

The new appliances are all in stainless steel and black.

This window over the sink give you a good view of the backyard.
The hanging birdfeeder is suprisingly busy.

Looking back, you can also see the blue workshop outside
plus the counter and storage on the other side.
The door opens to directly connect the kitchen with the deck
and with the party outside in the back yard.

A close-up detail of the gorgeous formica with solid oak edging.

This kitchen has always been party-central for the backyard events of summer.

These shelves are built to hold over 200 pounds per shelf.
Grabbing dishes, or stacking them from the dishwasher is very easy.
You will wonder why you never had shelves before.

Once again we find ourselves in this middle space that connects with everything.
Looking back at the center of the open floor plan,
with a view directly into the great room.

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Beaver Pond
Outside Views
Entry and Dining Area
Great Room
Hall and North Bedrooms
South Bedroom and Laundry
Floor Plan and Aerial Photos
Xeric Garden
Backyard and Flowers
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