Even when it is raining hard, this entire area stays dry under the overhang.

These second, smaller steps are handy when dashing directly from the car into the house.

The front door awaits. Turn the key and walk inside.

One step into the house.
You can see across the well-lighted dining area into the kitchen.

The view looking back at the front door.
The entry has a tiled floor to resist those wet shoes.
The coat closet holds your raingear.
The dining area will easily hold a large table plus chairs.

Past the fireplace is the north hallway leading to 3 bedrooms and 2 bath.
We will see those later.

The fireplace is outfitted with an efficient wood stove. Just past is the kitchen, the final bedroom and the great room.

Another few steps and we are now in the kitchen,
looking back at the wonderful open floor plan.
From this position, everything seems immediately connected together.

Since we are in the kitchen, it makes sense to take a close look.

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Tour Chapters:
Beaver Pond
Outside Views
Entry and Dining Area
Great Room
Hall and North Bedrooms
South Bedroom and Laundry
Floor Plan and Aerial Photos
Xeric Garden
Backyard and Flowers
Contact and Other Details