Follow me into the great room.
The neat flooring pattern adds a stylish touch.

This is the corner of the house, so it has two walls with windows.

The small windows are too high to see through from the outside.
From inside the room, you can easily look out to see who is in the front yard.
All of these windows let in plenty of natural light without any sacrifice of privacy.

Stand in that same corner and turn to scan the room.
The wall has interesting angles that make the room see even more grand.

Now we are looking back at the kitchen.

From the other corner, the view out of the small windows shows any cars parked in front of the door.

Between all those windows and lights
the great room is always well lit.
The overhead lights are on a dimmer as well.

This is the view when the cook is calling you to dinner.

Dinner isn't ready yet,
so we have time to look down the hallway at those bedrooms.
Shall we?

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Tour Chapters:
Beaver Pond
Outside Views
Entry and Dining Area
Great Room
Hall and North Bedrooms
South Bedroom and Laundry
Floor Plan and Aerial Photos
Xeric Garden
Backyard and Flowers
Contact and Other Details