We have seen the house inside and out,
so let's head over to the workshop in the backyard.

The first thing you notice is the large roof, which shelters a paved area.
To the right side is a brick path leading to the creek.

The gate opens for easy access to the street.

You can see your nearest neighbor across the street.

Standing in the street, you can see through the open gate into the backyard.

Access to the street garden is easy.

We have closed the gate and walked back onto the workshop paved area.
Let's continue forward and look around the side of the workshop building.

Behind the workshop is Golde Creek.

This is the area behind the workshop, where the delightful burbling sound of the creek is heard loud and clear inside the workshop.

Just turn a bit and look back at the house.

Now we are again standing in front of the door to the workshop.
Why not take a look inside?

This is a solid wooden door with a sturdy lock.

We will look at pictures taken from all four corners.
This is what you see when you first set foot into the workshop.
Note the abundance of shelving, both built-in and added later as shelving units.
What you can't see in this picture is the peaceful sound of the creek, just outside the back wall.
It almost sounds as if the wall isn't even there at all.

Move from the door to the corner on your right.
Now you can see the wall facing the house.
There is plenty of room to organize garden tools or install a workbench.
You could easily add a window if you want to convert this to a home office.

Again, move to the next corner on your right.
Now you can see back to the door where we came in.
There is a second added shelving unit at that end as well.

The final corner shows the built-in shelves again.
The floor may be stained from many years of storing a lawnmower or a pressure washer,
but the floor remains as firm as it was when brand new.

Before we head back outside,
take a moment to appreciate the solid construction of this building.
Unlike the cheap, small sheds at the big box store, full sized 2 x 4 wood is used
with substantial bracing and connectors to hold everything together.
The heavy door is solid wood.
This place is built like a tank.

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