This is a map of the house showing the layout of all the rooms.

This 2007 photo is from the Snohomish County Assessor's office,
before the beavers had moved in.

See that tiny rectangle at the bottom of the yellow arrow?
Right on the corner of 28th and 201st?
That little rectangle is the property for sale.
The huge green area all around the house is your only neighbor!

This 2012 photo is also from the Assessor's office.
The beaver has built the pond, but the drowned trees have not yet fallen.

Naturally, there is a story behind why there is only a single house
on this large piece of land only a mile from Alderwood Mall.

As I understand it, long ago, a developer wanted to pave
a large parking lot for shoppers at the mall.
It was a valuable wetland, and the county said NO WAY!

Then they made a deal.

The developer could pave but needed to set aside
this piece of wetland as forever protected from development.

Sort of a trade.

Today if you ask nicely,
any title company will show you the official paperwork
where this land is officially dedicated as
permanent Native Growth Protection Area and Open Space.
It can never be developed.

That left this big piece of land sitting empty and useless forever.
Uh, I mean useless to people, but absolutely wonderful to the animals who live among us.
At first, it was mostly a few birds and maybe some squirrels.
Then the beavers moved in. Now this "useless" piece of land
has drawn all manner of creatures from tiny hummingbirds to huge Great Blue Herons.
Majestic Bald Eagles have perched high above in the dead trees.
River Otters have stopped by to play for a while.
Many kinds of water birds have raised a family here.

The developers might have considered this to be useless land,
but nature has been rejoicing in her good luck ever since.
And so should you!

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