We are again just outside the great room
in the center of the house near the fireplace.

Next to the fireplace is the closed door to the furnace closet
and the open door to the hall bath.

The furnace closet has shelves and floor space for storage.

Just past the furnace closet is this door to the hall bath.

Looking in the door to the hall bath.

It has a full size tub with a luxurious shower sprayer.

Back in the hall.
There are three doors to three bedrooms with a linen closet at the end.
Let's look in the first door to the left.

This first bedroom has a large window looking at the front driveway,
and a good sized closet for storage.

You can see out the door to the bedroom. Across the hall is the North Master Bedroom.

Here the closet doors are open.

You actually have a view of the north driveway entrance, plus lots of natural light.

This is the bedroom nextdoor.
To satisfy your analytical detective streak,
notice that the floor register and the electrical outlet are different.
Otherwise, it's just about the same as that first bedroom.

Another large closet.

Walking around the room

The closet and the door are both open.

The large window also looks out on the front parking area.
Those are the only two bedrooms that do not have their own private master bath.

Across the hall from those first two bedrooms
is the NORTH Master Bedroom.

The His-And-Hers Closet has two doors.
There is only one very long closet rod.
Now walk over to that window and look out at the back yard.

This could be your view every morning if you live in this bedroom.
It would also make a fine office.

Of course, how would you get any work done with this distraction close at hand?

Looking the other direction reveals the shed outdoors, and the attached bath indoors.

This bath has its own window for fresh air,
and to let in the soothing sounds of nature.

Still in that same bathroom, looking back at the bedroom.

The fourth bedroom is at the other end of the house.
Let's go look at that other end of the house next.

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